HDR vs LDR BT. Feedback Please

T Paul
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After a final consultation with MDACC and Emory Winship in Atl I have decided to follow the treatment of BT for my PC with the last piece being should I go LDR or HDR?

MDACC only does LDR, Emory Winship Cancer Center in Atl offers HDR. Both DR's are highly experienced, admit both treaments are solid as well as the Dr's performing the procedures are top nothch and are more alike than different. I am split on a choice at this point. The most glaring differences is LDR is 1 treatment, HDR is 2. This adds double the risk in going under GA. Emory in Atl is home and post treatment support is local. MDACC is in Houston. The above shared my final decision rests on actual patient feedback. If you had either LDR or HDR please share your experiences.

If you could do it over would you change your mind?

What was your experience with HDR or LDR? Immediate post surgery, 6 mos out then beyond 1 year.

Side effects? Urinary and ED



Thanks very much for your feedback.