Dear All,

I need support if possible! I am 55 years old

I was diagnosed with agressive Gleason 9 prostate Cancer in October 2011 with a PSA of 53.
My doctor put me right away on Eligard shots every six month and 35 Radiotion sessions ended in February 2012

The surgery was not an option bearing in mind that the cancer has escaped the Prostate gland and CT scan showed Lymph nodes envolvment but I was lucky that the Bone scan came out negative.

MY PSA Dropped to 2.4 in April 2012
In July PSA droppoed to 1.54
Last week my PSA came back to read 3.1

My doctor suggested that I start taking Casodox 50MG daily along with the Eligard shots, but he said that if the Casodox did not knock down the PSA that will mean that my Cancer has became Refractory.

I would appreciate any advice from member to what should I expect in the future as I am so confused now and in a deep frostration.

I look forward to your feedback

London, Ontario