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Today is not a good day. Feeling very scared and uncertain of my future. Had One Abraxane treatment so far for mets to nodes and one small spot on my hip. Trying to deal with after effects of whole brain radiation too. This has caused a terrible ear infection among other things. I am on antibiotics and have steroid ear drops but it is not getting better.

I am scared, I am only 43 years old. I want to be here for my kids. My youngest is only 3!

I worry so much what all this is doing to them. I have done the everything the doctors tell me to do, I keep being told it's working, then I get told it's not. Why is this happening, I just want my normal happy life back.

  I think i need to hear some success stories, I know there women out there who live with this for a long time...can I hear some your stories?

I would also like to hear from anyone who has endured the WBR and Abaxane. What were your side effects and reactions?




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    For Dana

    Hi again Dana,

    I hope Linda responds to your posts.  She is the only one here that I can think of that has had radiation to the head.  This cancer discussion board is for every stage 0-to IV.  You might do well on Inspire Advanced Breast Cancer, bcmets or Stage IV on for a lot of people with WBR stories.

    I do wish you well on your journey.