Has anyone been in remission for Diffuse B for more than 4 yrs then suddenly developed enlarged lymp

Feb. 2008, went thru 8 rounds of R-CHOP, then a total of 26 treatments of Rituxan (2 1/2 yrs after radiation).  Have been in remission; however, in mid-Nov., noticed a pea-size lymph node in right groin (always check under arms and groin areas), as last time enlarged nodes were in left arm-pit.  Because I always had terrible sweats during the summer, really can't tell this time (plus pain medication causes my head to perspire) - I have had a few night sweats in the past month, but it's been cold lately and have the heater on' plus my heating pad warms my whole body up - eating pads really help with back and hip pain.

Pet/CT done 12-6, biopsy thereafter on 12-26-12.  Three different pathologist from same Hospital are confused with my results.  Plus, the Pet/Scan disc does not match up (hot spots in various areas (small) on the actual disc, but report contradicts the typed report!  Now, it's a waiting game.  Glad I've consulted with two expert oncologists this time around.  If it's just (what they called, an "immune reaction"), will try and bring the enlarged groin lymph nodes down with Prednisone.  If the cancer has returned, will have to go through stem-cell treatment.  By the way, has anyone been to City of Hope for stem-cell transplant?  Wishing all of you bountiful prayers and good wishes!  Hang in there!