It's getting difficult to swallow again.

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Seems the esophogectomy scar tissue at the esopho-gastric junction continues to close. As of today it's 4 stretches in 3 months. My gi doc is suggesting a stent placement for about one month in the hope that the scar tissue will mold itself to the shape and remain open after the stent is removed.  Since I am growing concerned about possible problems associated with this and my desire for a more long lasting solution. I requested a second opinion which occurred today. During that procedure the doctor also injected the scar tissue with steroids.  Since I was out of it I could not question what he hopes to occur from this.


Is anyone familiar with either of these treatments and there outcomes AND potential problems?


As always Keep your faith up and stay positive!




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    Haven't heard anything good about stents BEFORE surgery, but post surgery... not sure. Sometimes when they are inserted pre surgery, the tumor will grow around and through the stent making it difficult or impossible to remove. Not sure how it would work with scar tissue, though.
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    I am on my second stent post esophagectomy.  I had a lot of problems with strictures.  The only problem I have with the stent is I can sometimes feel it in my throat and it makes my throat sore at times.  Swallowing is great though!!

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    Hi chihuahua5

    looking for recent current comments regard stents these all seem to be very old,"????Dec 2021 i have had 2 diolations and dont seem to last very long want to put is stent and want more patient feedback. Please thank you all

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    Hi Bob,

    I do not have any personal experience, but most of the feedback I have seen here on stents has not been positive. Frequent discomfort, stent moving, etc. This site does not get a lot of traffic lately. I would suggest posting your question in the esophageal cancer section of the Smart Patients website. That site gets much more traffic and you would have a better chance of getting recent cancer survivor feedback.

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