Hope for our daughters

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This story from the NY Times tells how in the future there may be a test for ovarian cancer short of removing ovaries to biopsy them.  I can appreciate how welcome that might be -- 4 years ago, long before my PPC was diagnosed, I was suspected of having ovarian cancer and had a hysterectomy/oophorectomy.  Results then were negative.  But I understand from my doctors that PPC arises from endometrial tissue, as do uterine & ovarian cancers.  So if this kind of testing gets to the clinical stage, maybe younger generations of females will be spared late diagnoses of their illnesses.  



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    Screening test

    This would certainly be a wonderful thing for our daughters and granddaughters.   More power to the wonderful researchers!


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    Matters arising ...

    Hi there. Thanks for posting the news. I read about this too and hope there is at least some hope for other people. I had a large cystadenoma removed five years before I was disagnosed and even wrote to the hospital in the meantime asking whether tissue which was removed at that time, was cancerous. I got a reply saying the removed bowel was suspicious. My sub-type of ppc is rare and wasn't diagnosed until 2011 when this normally slow growing cancer became aggressive. It angers me that I was ignored but i try to stay positive because by being upset, the only person I hurt is myself. That's my logic in theory!