AML leukemia and pregnancy

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My name is Lisa, I am 35 years old and I was diagnosed with AML leukemia on May 1st 2011.  On May 1st, my husband and I went to the hospital to welcome our first baby into the world. After being admitted that morning, we started to get prepped for the epidural and did some routine blood work. The results were that my platelets were alarmingly low. At this point, I really didn't think too much about it... I was about to have a baby!! Then my water broke, at least I thougt it did. What I thought was my water breaking was in fact, blood. I started bleeding so heavily that nurses and doctors  assumed that my placenta was bleeding out so I was prepped for an emergency c-section. I had to undergo general anesthesia, so my husband was not allowed to be present in the operating room. Seconds before the surgery was to begin, the doctor came in with my husband. He came over and he held my hand, and the doctor looked at us both and then broke the news. She told me I had leukemia. Instantly, I cried.  I had no time to process this information, it was time to start the c-section procedure. I woke a couple hours later, my husband by my side, sharing the news that we had a perfect, healthy baby girl. Then the nurses brought her to me...and I held this miracle in my hands and I couldn't remember a time I was happier than that moment. I wouldn't let cancer rob me of this joy. The following days were rough. I had to start chemo right away. I was in the hospital for 27 days.  And afterwards, I did consolidation chemo in the span of 8 months. I had my last chemo treatment Dec 16th,  2011...which happened to be my birthday. The following month, my husband and I announced to our family that we were having another baby!  We welcomed our sweet, healthy, 2nd baby girl into the world on 10-11-12 :)


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    This is so touching =)

    I enjoyed reading this. My name is Devon. I have a disabled son and when my husband and I got pregnant with my second child, they wanted to do routine blood work to make sure the new baby didn't have the complications that my son did. It was these blood tests that found my ALL. I had to do a D&C, because I was only ten weeks along and the Leukemia would have killed us both. I know the baby was sent to me to save my life, and I still want another child but can't even consider it until I am done with treatment. But I have always been so scared that the chemo will ruin my ability to have more children. Your post gives me hope that I too will be able to have another baby. Thank you for sharing and congrats to you and your husband and children =)

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    on January 5, 2011 I was diagnosed with AML and had a bone marrow transplant!!! The doctors told me I would never get pregnana!!! Reading your story has gave me hope!!! i have a few questions for you... Dwas you able to get pregnant on your own??? Did they ever tell you that you was in pre-menopause??? Thank you for sharing your story!!!