Site Issues - I emailed Greta

FYI: I emailed Greta politely about issues with this site.  They are genuinely concerned and are making efforts to improve things.  I just wanted to share the message with you and offer my thanks to Greta for her response.

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Hi Jim,

It's very disappointing that the site performance has not improved with the upgrade to the later version of Drupal as expected. The developer enabled caching yesterday in hopes that would take care of the problem. No such luck. Now they are going to install some kind of module that Drupal has that is supposed to help. IT has also ordered a new server and I forget what else. They are really trying hard to find solutions. It has been one thing after another. But I know they have been working on it every single day since the upgrade...including Christmas Day, New Year's Day, weekends, and some of our vacations over the holidays. I know because I've being doing the same. We have daily conference calls. Of course, we know it's very tough on you members, too, and I'm so sorry about it.


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    Thank you

    Thanks Jim, and thank you Greta. I figured someone was probably working on the problems. I got on pretty quickly tonight. Sue