Low Hemoglobin

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My husband is 10 months out from surgery and the highest hemoglobin level he has had since that time was last May when it was 13.4. Slowly it has dropped and in December it was 10.4. His doctor told him that if it got in the 9 range and he had symptoms like last year then they would transfuse. Well the last week he has really bad shortness of breath, nausea when smelling food and no appetite. He is supposed to have scans tomorrow at Duke to see if the Afinitor that they took him off last week is working. I spoke with his nurse yesterday and they said to bring him through the Emergency Room at Duke either yesterday afternoon or this morning so they can check his hemoglobin. We are getting ready to leave about 6.

My question is have any of you had to get blood after surgery? I don't remember reading on here where any of you have but sometimes I am on and off of here so don't keep up with it like I should. Thank you in advance for any of your answers.


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    K, I don't remember much about the topic here but from KIDNEY_ONC I have the impression that it's not that uncommon and is certainly not something to get too uptight about.

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    Freaked me out too!

    When I was getting chemo for breast cancer, they told me my blood levels had tanked and I needed a blood transfusion.  I freaked out.  Don't know why as it was just like my chemo infusion I'd been taking for months except a different color.  So it was easy peasy.  And I felt SO much better afterward!

    Transfusions are very common with chemo and drugs.  No worries.