Hi guys,

 I watch 2 weekly T.V shows...CSI New York,(Fri) and The Good Wife,(Sun). Both shows this week featured a small part of the episode around someone having Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. One of the main actors in CSI New York..Sid, the coroner is the one with NHL, don't know if it's for real or just part of the show, but I found it interesting that 2 major shows featured this. Did any of you see the shows? We don't see much on T.V about cases of NHL...maybe this means we will start seeing more? Anyways...just thought I'd see if any of you watched the shows. Much love...Sue  (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)


  • vinny59
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    Hey Sue, did not see those shows but two actors had NHL on shows that I'm familiar with. One was the star of on Dexter, he is now in remission. The other was the young actor in the series Spartacus , he passed away from the disease. It makes you think how lucky we are..... Vinny


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    Hey Sue

    I am with Vinny.  I knew about the actors from Dexter and Spartacus.