Noobie here...would like some feel for where I am headed



    Got my 3rd biopsy results today..the 2 preceding transrectal procedures came back as "NEG" but  PSA kept increasing over the past 4 years..6---16---21(9/2012), in that period.  Last Bx was a template biopsy done to hit the anterior lobes with 5/20 biopsies +, mostly 3 + 3, (1) was 3+4 and (1) 4+3 Gleasons. Last tranrectal was only 8 weeks ago so I guess I have a clean post. lobe/ localized anterior. Don't know about any perineural invasion since I have 2 weeks to wait 'til my Urologist discusses "treatment Rx options".

 I'm 63, pretty good health except for DVT( shot rt. lower leg veins from infectious myofasciitis 12 years ago)/PE history on Coumadin and Grave's last year, now post I 131/hypothyroid and on Synthroid.

   Anyone with a similar scenario who would like to share where they were pointed therapeutically ?  Tried to read quite a bit of the Web on this subject and seemed like opinions weren't radP results equal brachyRx results in some, different in other studies....

  Will read with much interest obviously what you folks who have gone further down this road than I have say...Thanks.








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    I had DiVinci in 2006.

    I had DiVinci in 2006.  Worked well for me, I have no real inconntinence but am impotent.  I'm really lucky other than a worn out lower spine I've had no problems.

    The robot for me was a piece of cake, the impotency had started before surgery by several years and just finally dropped to a new low!

    You'll see lots of opinions here almost all based on personal experiene and none are the same.

    Read up on options, for instance the gamma knife wasn't around when I had mine.  Generally I understand that if you go with radiation first the RP isn't an option. 


    I did a lot of reading from scientific journals dealing with PC.  My dad had it in the 1960's and it wasn't found till late, that probably spurred my decision to have it out as I recall his long painful battle.  Incidently, the PC didn't get him, he was over weight and smoked and died of a heart attack 6 yrs after the surgery.

    Read all you can, be prepared with hard questions for the doc and don't let him/her gloss any aspect over.  Get another opinion.  Once you decide then get on with it and do all the post op work.

    Good luck, jj