Happy New Year

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Hello my beYOUtiful sisters!   I've not been around for awhile.  Sorry about that.  Christmas was fun and special.  Both of my daughters were home for the holidays.  My husband and I rang in the new year with some dear friends and had a terrific time.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have not forgotten about any of you and pray that 2013 brings hope and good health to all.

I start off the year with the great news that BC did not metastasize to my lungs.  But I have to continue with tests for a long time to come.  My first test for the new year is a mammo.  No sweat!  Since I did just have a CT scan of my chest, I am more than positive that there is no trace of cancer in my breast.  

OK ... that's all I got for now.  I will come back,  I promise.



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    happy new year

    Hapy new year

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    Great to hear from you and

    Great to hear from you and good luck with the mammo and happy new year to you too!


    Hugs, Diane