A New Years Meditation

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We are strangers but all linked to one another through breast cancer. I wish you all a loving, bright and beautiful 2013. Here is a meditation I wrote last year while going through treatment.

 Thank You, A Prayer


Thank you for another day.


I am so grateful for my life and all its wonders.


Thank you for my spirit, which is strong.


I appreciate my inner strength and


the support of others.


I marvel at the sculptured shape of a pear tree.


The form of a crepe myrtle blossom.


The fragrance of lilacs.


Configurations of clouds are always unique.


A balmy summer breeze,


A clear sky filled with glistening stars.


Wonders beyond words.

Thank you for all this and more

If you want to see more meditations and guided imagery, please check out my E book Relax, Reflect, Restore and Recover: Guided Imagery Meditations for Women with Breast Cancer on Amazon.com.