Dixie Girl

Has anyone heard from Dixie Girl lately ?  I admit I do not read every thread that gets put up, so I may have missed recent notes from her. Iknow her journey has been one of the toughest discussed here.  Bless everyone's recovery in this New Year.




  • miss maggie
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    Same to you

    Dear Max, I know how you feel. We get to know our friends through the years. We worry and miss them when they don't post as often as before.

    I too haven't been online as much as I used to. It just seems there aren't enough hours in the day. Please know all of you are always in my prayers and thoughts. I wish you a healthy and joyous New Year 2013.

    Love Maggie

  • allmost60
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    Beth's last post...

    Hi Max,

     The last post we had from Beth/dixiegirl was on Dec 16th...sounds like she is doing good. "Happy New Year" Max... Here is her post:

    Hey everyone, I too hope we all have a very healthy stress free holiday, although stress free and holidays don't really happen all that often.

    I sincerely hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing ok, finished rads end of October and when I went for my followup everything looks good. I do still have trouble stretching my arm with similar pain to before treatment. Doc says it's just the area healing and shrinking. So hopefully everything is fine.

    Take care everyone, happy thoughts to all!!