Anyone here post surgery with bouncing PSA?

bdhilton Member Posts: 856 Member

March 2010-Post surgery Gleason 4+3 (clinical the same), SVI (right), positive margin (one). No psa reading until August 2011 (18 months post surgery) which was 0.2. December 2011- 0.15, April 2012-0.2, August 2012-0.3, December 2012-0.17 (yes down from previous).

The only reference I have seen on bouncing psa after surgery was a video by Snuffy Myers. My oncologist tells me my cancer is probably “smoldering” at this time with these “bounces” but does not recommend RT (unless I feel I need it) at this stage.

If anyone else has experience here or been told there cancer is “smoldering” I would like to hear about it. My mother was told she had “smoldering” cancer 28+/- year ago and the cancer is still just sitting there doing nothing… Many thanks