my neurapathy solution

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First off, let me say that it's not a completely effective solution but does seem to help.  Second, I just want to share what I'm doing in case others might want to try it (it's pretty harmless) but I have no idea if it would work for anyone else.  My neuropathy is focused around my right knee, which suffered a moderately severe injury and three subsequent surgeries way back in 1990.  That's where my neuropathy is, my surgically repaired knee and the area above, below and medial to it. It began as numbness, evolved to tingling, then to pain and now encompasses all three, either alone or in combination.  It can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful. So what I've tried to do is confuse my already confused nerves and I've tried to do that by loosely wrapping the knee in an ace bandage.  I say loosely, one, because the support isn't the purpose, the intent is sensory input that might hopefully, give the nerves something else to 'think about" and two, the looser it is, the longer it can be applied without further discomfort.  So that's what I've tried and it does seem to mitigate the problem, not eliminate it but mitigate it.  I hope that others find it useful.