Merry Christmas and a blessed new Year

I haven't posted in a long time.  Most of you do not know me.  I had Follicular Stage 3, diagnosed 4 years ago in January.  I am feeling well and thank God everyday for that.  I wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas or Holiday time with your family.  Family, spending time and loving each other is the most important thing as we all know.  I have wondered about Fran aka  cookinggirl.  Has anyone seen a post from her?  Thinking and praying for Beth, Sue, Maggie , Vinny, Mary, Denise, Lisha.  If I forgot you I am so sorry.  I still use blond chemo brain as an excuse.  I am retiring on the 18th of Jan.  A child in our school who has been acting up since kindergarten slapped me and he calls me stupid etc daily.  He threatened all the 5th graders in my class by saying, "I will hurt all of you someday"  I have talked and talked to the powers that be but no one takes that seriously from a fifth grader, so it is time to leave.   My love to all of you   Joanie


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    you too!

    Hey Joanie, great to hear you are doing well. I can't believe that the powers at be will do nothing, makes you wonder.... anyway enjoy your retirement! Vinny

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    2013 will be even better

    You will never regret retiring. There will be parts of the job that you will miss, but not many! The truly sad fact is that, when that 5th grader carries out his promise, many will ask "Why didn't anyone do something?" :-(  

    I am living out the twelve days of Christmas and wishing you that your Christmas season is blessed and your new year one of peace. 

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    Dear Joanie,

    I am more than happy to read you are doing so well. I wish you and your family a healthy, happy, and joyous New Year 2013. Who can ask for more? We are always blessed to have a wonderful family and friends to share the holidays with.

    I have no idea what has happened to our society. I look back, and don't ever remember the horrors that are happening today. Even my daughter and grandchildren had such wonderful memories from their childhood and school. Can anyone tell me?? Probably not. I am glad you are retiring. A 5th grader can do such harm. Enjoy your retirement with good health and happiness.

    My love and prayers to you.   Love Maggie

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    Hi Joannie

    Hi Joannie and thanks for good wishes and same to you and yours.

    Sorry about the situation with your student - that's sad and I hope he will get

    some help.





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    I am sorry that your retirement is happening because of a negative incident- and I too hope that the student gets help and the administration wakes up!  But it probably does mean that it's time for you to leave and take care of yourself.  I'm confident that you touched many children's lives and made a huge difference! How great is that?  So you can rest easy in your retirement- for a job well done!

    And I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling well!  Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family.