OT - Respect flashing lights!

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On this Christmas Eve AND every day, I would like to remind everyone to be very vigilant/careful when approaching flashing lights on the side of or a road.    Neither the law enforcement personel or the first responders or the tow drivers want to be there but they are there doing their jobs.

This is a subject that  is 'near and dear' to me as Hubby is tow driver and his truck was hit the other night.  He was on a Police callon a downtown 'deserted' street at about 3 am when a car decided to hit the well lit up wrecker.  A few seconds difference would have had him steppiing ot oif the truck and it would have been him that was hit - not just the heavy bumper that was bent out 90 degrees.


Remember - slow down -  at another time you could be the one they are helping.  They also have families that want them safely home.

Wanikiya tonpi wowiyuskin

Omaka teca oiyokipi



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    Oh dear!!! I am so so sorry

    Oh dear!!! I am so so sorry that your husban's truck was hit. But so glad to hear that he was still inside and not run over. I totally agree with you!!! It is so incredibly important to slow down and move into another lane(if another lane is available) when there is trouble on the side of the road.

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    I truly understand!

    My husband is a truck driver and i don't worry about him it's the other people around him,people cut in on him and people don't realize tons just don't stop on a dime. we just have to keep them lifted up in prayer. Merry Christamas.~~MollyZ~~

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    That was so close!  I'm glad

    That was so close!  I'm glad your hubby is ok...and your reminder is a good one.





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    So glad he was not injured

    or worse.  However, coming home from midnight mass, we went around a curve and 2 police cars had stopped a car which had pulled into a parking lot, the first police car was right behind the car, completely off the road, the second one pulled in behind the 1st police car with about 4 feet into the lane.  There was room for him to pull in the alongside the first car, or he could have pulled in the exit (the bank parking lot where the car had pulled in, obviously to get off the road) was fully open. 

    So on snowy icy roads, everyone coming around the curve had to go into the turning lane to avoid hitting the second car, risking sliding into oncoming cars.  Bottom line is that some of our police officers have to use their heads also.  So many times I want to stop and tell them they are half in the lane.  Sometimes there is so much traffic on the freeway that people coming upon them, do not have anywhere to go.  If they stop suddenly to avoid hitting the police car, they will get rear ended, and when this has happened they usually get sent into the police car with the force of more than one car. 


    Happy that no one was injured in this one.