Aaron, haven't seen you online . . .

Hey Aaron, I haven't seen you on line for a while. I hope you are doing okay. When do you have your next treatment? Tomorrow or Wednesday?
I'm down to one left and so thankful! The last couple have been getting a bit tougher. I've been taking my anti-nausea meds, but still have a bit of an icky feeling until about day 5 or 6. One more Neupogen shot for this round and then just the four for the next round. Won't be sad when those are finished!!! Merry Christmas to you and good health for 2013.


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    I've been lurking around

    Hey shar, glad to hear your doing well. I'm off to spend the day in the chair but only 1 more after this. Merry Christmas my friend and i'll talk to you soon.