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My mom used to post here for three years. Just wanted to let everyone know that someone who also used to post here, William Marshall, his wife Loretta who was a great contributor to this site was stricken with peritoneal carcinomatosis during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Her husband Bill is a 10 year survivor of EC dating back 10 years now as a stage 3 patient. Under the care of Dr. Luketich, the pioneer of the MIE, he has beaten the odds and is NED. His wife Loretta has now been diagnosed with this awful cancer of Peritoneal carcinomatosis and was scheduled for surgery this morning at the same hospital that her husband had his surgery, UPMC, Shadyside hospital in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the cancer was more invasive then thought and a reconsideration of surgery is proposed after chemo. Please say a special prayer for these people. Fortunately, the veterans here understand what contributions these people have made to this forum, and unfortunately, the newbies here have no clue the loss that they have encountered due to the negligence of this site. Over three thouseand posts were removed from this forum which were filled with life saving information.

I lost my Dad to this cancer 22 months ago and if it wasn't for the Marshalls and their information and caring ways, my family today wouldn't be where we are presently, as well as many others.

These two people were responsible for getting a seperate category assigned to Esophageal Cancer. Before then, this cancer was grouped together with head and neck. In the three years my Mom was on here, William and Loretta are responsible for many life saving referrals as well as many humanitarian contributions to the EC World. Something that the American Cancer Society should have acknowledged and recognized many years ago. It breaks my heart that such negligent and unfathomable actions by CSN took place and chose to get rid of such significant and caring people from this board knowing that they have saved countless people from such a devastating cancer.

Now is the time to show our support for the Marshalls. We all know and understand how special they are and we can only hope that their guidance and support for the Esophageal Cancer patients continue. We now know that the time has come to give back to Loretta and Bill with what they have given us over the past ten yers.

May God Bless You All,

Shannon (registered on this site and am over 21), Kelly and Sherri Broderick(Bailey1459)