Sort of off topic, but ONC's who get ill....

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One of my best friends goes to Emery for her cancer follow up. Her onc has just been dx'd with cancer and she was told it was long term time away or possibly 'never' return.

A friend who lives here half the year just told me her onc quickly closed her practice and will not be returning. She just had her 3rd child this past year and now has cancer.

I seem to remember a discussion here about someone's onc becoming very ill, very quickly with cancer. I believe it was colon but might be wrong.

I wonder if daily exposure to chemo bags might put oncs at a higher risk of getting certain types of cancer.


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    Hi Patch
    I would highly doubt that bags of chemo would be the cause of the cancer. If it were then there would be a very high incident rate among those who perform the treatment.

    I don't know how it is done for others, but my sister's chemo is not administered by her Oncologist. It is an oncology nurse who actually gets and hangs the bags.

    It may be that the oncologists diagnosed feel that they will not be able to best treat their patients while they undergo their own surgery, rads and or chemo.

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