Need more advise

I am age 70 in excellent health with a family history of life expectancy in the high 90's
First biopsy was G6 but got a second opinion from John Hopkins that downgraded it to PIN.
PSA started 5 years ago at .25 and worked it's way up to 2.5 two years ago and 6 months ago it was 3.5 and that triggered the first biopsy. Now in the past 3 months at 4.2
and that is why the second biopsy is being recommended. Question is do I go for it or wait
for more PSA info. I am reading about a multiparmetric MRI and other markers that the doc has not mentioned.


  • Samsungtech1
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    You really are not clear about biopsy. How many cores were positive? PSA of 4.2 is not much. Factor in your age and it becomes pivotal. If they suggest watchful waiting you might want to follow that. Should your PSA climb then get biopsy. Are you saying you got a Gleason 6 from first biopsy? Your core reports should determine your course of action.

    Wish you good luck.