TRiple negative breast cancer

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My mom 69 years old had mastectomy on 17-11-12 and the report indicatestriple TNBC grade-2 on right breast, with out involvement of lymph nodes.(T1N0M0).Around 36 lymph nodes removed with aux. node. The tumor size is 1.8cm max.The drain tubes are still on draining around 2oml/day after 4 weeks. most probably the tubes shall be removed on 18-12-12.
The oncologist planned for 6 cycles @3weeks with PACLITAXEL and EPIRUBICIN combination of chemo stating from 22-12-12 and No Radiation required. I am really scared about the side effects of chemo.Please advise me:
1. Whether any body used the above drug combination if so how are the results
2.Whether I can manage the side effects.
3. How to know whether I am reponding to the treatment.
4. Due to side effects if the chemo is delayed in between the cycles and what will be the complications if the chemo is dis continued.
Please give frank opinion.


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    I can't speak to those
    I can't speak to those drugs, but chemo in general is doable. It's not fun, but it is doable. Side effects are manageable with the help of your doc, and the experience of the people here.

    If your chemo has to be interrupted or delayed, your onc can go over any complications there might be. You should also know there are many choices for chemo.

    Welcome, I am sorry you have a need to find us. I hope you find this site and the peopole here as helpful as I have. Please come back and let us know how you're doing.