Help - Left Thigh Mass - Need Info/Comments re MRI results

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I am a 60 yr F. 6 mo+/-ago noticed random ache in top ctr of left thigh; not constant. In rubbing area I felt a lump. When standing you couldn't feel it. Sitting or bending leg it was noticeable. Was getting bigger then noticed 2nd mass on inside of thigh 4" from 1st. Went to GP. He thought fatty masses. Ref'd to surgeon. He said top mass intramuscular and deep; probably lipomas. Went for MRI w/ and w/o contrast. Results: benign 3.4 cm x 2.1 cm intramuscular lipoma in anterior rectus femoris muscle acct'g for the palpable abnormality in the anterior mid thigh. no imaging followup req'd. MRI also says there is no underlying soft tissue mass or lipoma along the inside thigh; the underlying subcutaneous fat is normal. The mass inside thigh feels similiar to top one. Surgeon wants f/up ultrasound in 6 mos. Should I request 2nd read of MRI? or feel confident it's not liposarcoma? Biopsy? Comments/thoughts would be appreciated.


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    I am not a professional, just someone who had cancerous tumors misdiagnosed for many years as fatty nodules. My cancer was discovered after a biopsy, and thankfully it was a very slow growing skin cancer( Dermatofibrosacoma it starts in the dermis and spreads in all directions) I had it all removed wth Mohs surgery in August this yr.
    A biopsy is relatively noninvasive and would provide a definite answer. So if your not comfortable with the wait and see approach, why not ask for a biopsy.
    I was also diagnosed with a (suspected) benign brain tumor 3yrs ago and because of its location a biopsy was not( and never will be) an option. So I had to go with the wait and see method with 6mthly MIRs. So far no change.
    If I could have had a choice I would have gone wth a biopsy. Results are back within a wk and a plan of action can be put in place.
    If my cancer (it was under my left breast) had not become more painful as the yrs went on I probably would not have looked into having the lumps removed, which lead to the biopsy. Which in turn ment it wad stopped before it did too much damage.
    No one knows your body better than you,go with your gut feeling. If you choose to wait and see then change your mind before 6mth is upyou will still have the option of a second opinion or biopsy available.
    I hope I have helped is some small way . Good luck, and I hope you have a safe and happy festive season.