Platlets and neutrophils have dropped dramatically

Platlets and neutrophils have dropped dramatically, I know every onco. Is different in their cut off for treatment. I would be interested in hearing the stories from anyone who has time as to the levels which excluded them from treatment. My husband also has dizziness and headaches, and I am guessing that it could be from the chemo induced anemia, which is causing low blood pressure. Is that anyone's experience. Thanks dinkydi8


  • marqimark
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    I had the same problem
    White cells dropped to 600 and came back to only 700 after a week. They started giving me neulasta which worked great. I missed two weeks in a row, four week break. They also reduced my chemo after that.

    They didn't have anything for the platlet problem but time.

    I was bumped several times for platlets.
  • steveandnat
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    My platelets are usually what causes me to not get any treatment. If my plates are less than 100,000 then I won't get treatment. Pray things improve quickly. Jeff
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    trying to boost white bloods cells
    I just was advised to try corolius PSP and Thymus extract ( intra muscular ) to boost my immune system. As well as a range of mushrooms by a dendritic cell therapy specialist.

    I hope you find a way to improve your husbands bloods and health.

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    It's so common for this to happen. They postponed my treatment several times in a row because of it. I'd trying eating this or that and nothing happened then they started the shots. My husband then would do them at home several days before the next treatment. My neutrophils never came back up to normal however my platelets did. It's frustrating but you don't want the levels so low that you could "bleed out" from a cut. They say organ meat helps so right before my blood tests I'd eat gizzards and hearts (chicken) and loved it. Don't know if it helped my platelets but it gave me an excuse to eat them. Hoping for the best for you.

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    No delays
    I guess I have been lucky. I have my #12 Folfox tomorrow and have not had a delay. Just glad to finally get it over.
    Stage IV
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    low platlets and nuetrophils
    Thank you all for your comments, I am pleased to report that my husband has had his last chemo folfox (#5) His bloods went back to almost pre chemo levels, thanks to his rehydration. He is now on a 3 week break over Christmas, and is getting his determination back, (with a little push from me) Happy Christmas to you all and lets hope 2013 brings joy all around. dinkydi8