Patient advice wanted for acute t-cell lymphoma

Hi, my 26-yr old grandson was recently diagnosed with acute T-cell Lymphoma. July was the date of diagnosis. He has been having lots of seizures, and can't hold food down. Both before being treated with chemo, he throws up food. He is very weak. He is at the Thunder Bay Regional cancer center. I heard from a friend here in the US California, that her husband was prescribed a liquid marijuana called Melagese and it helped him to hold food down, and he regained his strength. He went into remission. Does anyone out there have a similar case they can report so that I can copy it and send the info to my son, so he will be convinced it may work? As of now, he doesn't believe a doctor would prescribe it, and doesn't want to ask for it for his son. Thanks, for any help you can give,Minna, (harris)
I can also be emailed at [email protected]