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I am curious if any longer term survivors have experience with mayo Rochester? I live in Iowa and was initially stage 3 with 7 lymph nodes involved. I had a second opinion at Iowa City. My initial chemo and radiation was done locally and successful THE surgery at Iowa City, but now I have 7 more lymph nodes involved which has moved me to stage 4. My oncologist is competent, but only sees on or two cases every couple years. and he seems to be following the same treatment suggested by Iowa City and standard protocol. My first two postoperative chemo doesn't appear to have a major impact, so we have move on to the next level of chemo drugs.

I wonder if there is some other options available at Mayo. Like targeted radiation or something else.


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    I had my IL surgery and follow up chemo at Mayo in Rochester. My surgeon was Dr DeChamps and my oncologist was Dr Alberts. I am nearly three years post surgery and doing well. Will return to Rochester in Feb for three year check up. I had excellent care at Mayo however I did not have radiation. I was dx Stage II, and had one node involvement so had follow up chemo. Our daughter was also treated at Mayo with Ewings Sarcoma at age 5, she is now in her 30's! We are very happy with Mayo as you can imagine. We live in NE Iowa so many from this area go to Rochester. I was told Mayo had more experience with EC than Iowa City. Best of luck to you and you can private message me if you want more info.

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    I was diagnosed at stage 2
    I was diagnosed at stage 2 from my doc in the twin cities. I had surgery, but unfortunately the cancer has spread to my liver and lungs. I went down to the mayo for a second opinion and got exactly what I needed, a second opinion. While the mayo was not able to provide any alternatives for me, they were able to give me a piece of mind that I am doing everything possible, and that my current docs are competent. A well worth while trip for me.
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    mayo in rochester

    I just read your message.  i havent checked on here for awhile sorry.  I am from north central iowa and i went to rochester for my surgery.  i started there with a second opinion and ended up staying with them.  got my chemo and radiation first at cancer center in mason city,ia and went to rochester later for surgery.  I was a stage 2.  my surgeon was cassivi.  i was diagnosed in august of 09 and have been cancer free since surgery in december of 09.  i had wonderful care at rochester . would recomend it to everyone.  good luck.  Cindy

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    I have zero personal experiance with Mayo, Rochester, MN but I have heard wonderful referalls from others if that means anything, also world leaders go there for treatments so...