This is a Get Well Poem from my neighbor and friend:

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My neighbor and friend Bruce Wales wrote this for another neighbor. He shared this with me telling me to always have hope and a good spirit. He gave me a book from local writers that had his poem in it. I got Bruce's permission OK to place it on the ACS Site.

Get Well Poem to My Friend Faye
Written by Bruce Wales

There is a tale of bravery
That makes me shiver through
From California to 'cross the pond,
I'll tell the story true.

Faye shammed the dudes on TV
Who rodeo all around – for
She kicked some butt and took the name of
The baddest beast in town.

She rode the beast illness!
And spurred it in the ribs!
It jumped and tried to buck her, But,
She slammed it 'gainst the cribs.

It wheeled hard to shake her,
'n stomped 'n snaked like hell,
'n snorted strong like it belonged,
But Faye was riding well.

She took control and hung on,
For the ridin' of the day.
Her crowd was toutin', shoutin',
“Make that Dungster Pay!”

She reined him and she taunted
'n yanked him back and forth.
She played and Prayed, destroyed his game.
The fur flew south to north.

I've told the tale to you,
You best believe it's true
'n if you face that baddest beast,
Remember as you do,

Faye heard that horn and nodded
And rode that hell-hound down.
Then calmly sashayed from the ring;
Faye, the Dudette (dum, da, dum, da, dum),

Best Always, mike

PS All spelling and punctuation is directly from the published work.