I had cancer and part of my kidney removed robotically on October 22, 2012

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On October 22, 2012, I arrived at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md. To have a 1 cm Chromophobe Cancer removed from my right kidney. Dr. Allaf and his great team removed the cancer using a robot in a laparscopic procedure. This was a major surgery, but less invasive, I have seven small cuts on my abdomine, the largest, about 1 1/2". The surgery only lasted 11/2 hours, I stayed at the hospital 2 nights, because I live a distance away.

I cannot understand it, but I have had NO pain, not in the hospital, of course, I had an IV with meds there, but have not taken any med for pain since leaving the hospital. My biggest complaint, if any, is I get tired and need to rest quicker then I did prior to surgery, but everyday gets better.

I visited my doctor for post op last week, he told me I can get back to normal duties. He told me he got all the cancer and I still have 90% of my kidney. I will need to have a scan in one year.

I am very thankful first of all to God, for helping doctors in my hometown order a MRI, that showed the cancer, something they were not even looking for. I am also very thankful for Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr Allaf who had the knowledge to perform a robotic surgery.

I am a 66 year old grandmother, I am glad to have my life back.


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    Welcome Grandma

    I used to think 66 was young once. That was before I became 69 year old grandfather of 5. Sounds like you have had an easy road so far and may it stay that way. Eleven months after my surgery I went water skiing for my 60th birthday. Put that on your bucket list. You were very lucky it was caught so early. I am familiar with Johns Hopkins as a family member had surgery there some 25 years ago. Consider yourself 1 lucky Grandma. I am at 10 years. Fay across the street is at 17 years and she is only 81 so you have a lot of years ahead of you.

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    Dr. Allaf - maybe it's the doctor
    Hello JRuth,

    Congratulations on your successful surgery. My husband, John, had his kidney removed by Dr. Allaf at Hopkins. His is grade4/stage 4 clear cell.

    I agree Dr. Allaf is a wonderful doctor. He not only is a very skilled surgeon; he has an angelic bedside manner that calms the most anxious patient. John and I both immediately sensed we were in good hands. John was operated on November 1 and came home about 8:00 p.m. on November 2. (I had just gotten home from visiting when I got the call to come back and pick him up.) I was shocked he was feeling well enough to come home after major surgery. Both of us feel his quick recovery can in large part be attributed to Dr. Allaf. Once home, he took little more than Tylenol.

    Best wishes for continued health.