Scansiety.... 1st scan since pre-surgery

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I am happy and apprehensive... The insurance co agreed to pay for my ct scan on Thursday...happy. My first ct scan since before my surgey is scheduled for this Thursday... Anxiety. I don't know if I will find out the results before my next appointment with the oncologist... My appointment is Christmas eve...I hope I don't end up with coal for Christmas. I do have chemo next week ... Maybe the PA can see me for a couple of minutes to give me my scan results? This will be chemo #10...if I have not lost count.....Folfox. N The neuropathy is getting bad now...even at 75% oxaliplatin...they cut it by 25% a couple of treatments ago. I was hoping to finish up before the end of year...but 1 week of for low WBC and thanksgiving break put me off schedule. So my last treatment will be the 2nd week in January....unfortunately for me our insurance is changing so I will be responsible for a new deductible. Me are still not sure if it will be $1,000, $3,0000' or the full $7,000!!!! I gues we will deal with it when the time comes..I might need to set up a payment plan for my deductible!

I hope everyone is having a good week ... I'll try to read up on the posts after my nap.



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    Christmas Eve?
    You got guts, Alex:)

    I like your attitude - holiday be damned - just throw it on the wall and see if it sticks:)

    Somehow, I wish your appt was the day before...or the day after...

    But, at least one thing for sure...all doubt will be removed and you'll know one way or the other before the door shuts for the evening.

    I so hope all is don't deserve coal, unless you need to start a BBQ:)

    It's a shame that the treatments overlap the years and you have to do the deductible's murder when that calendar rolls over, isn't it?

    In my time in the cancer world, I've come to understand and expect that all life really just one big payment plan.

    We're really only "Renting" anyway, aren't we?

    Rest well and best wishes for good news!