Still waiting for results

It's been 2 and a half weeks since my mom went to the ER for shoulder pain and a CT scan showed lytic lesions that are suspected to be mets from the breast cancer she had 11 years ago. We did a bone scan last week and have a biopsy scheduled for this Thursday. As much as we want to know once and for all what's happening so we can start taking care of it and hopefully get something done about her pain, we are also scared of getting the confirmation that this is indeed cancer.

Has anyone else had the experience of lytic lesions being something other than mets? Like degenerative disease or arthritis? Is there even any chance that this could be something other than cancer?

I didn't think I could me more terrified than I was when she was first diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer 11 years ago, but this feels so much worse.


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    I am so sorry that you are
    I am so sorry that you are possibly faced with this again. First, breathe, then breathe again. For me, you are at the worst spot--waiting and not knowing. I am praying that this is not cancer, but, if it is, please know that metastasis is manageable for many. The fact that your mom has been 11 years is a good sign. I had a long remission too (21 years) and then was diagnosed with bone mets in 2009. I am doing very well and back in remission. So hang in there!!! Big (((hugs)))!