Stage 4 stomach cancer treatment stopped

Hi. In Feb. 2012 my father(72 years old but very healthy) was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer that had spread to his gall bladder and appendix. Well through surgery they were removed and chemo began about three months later. First treatment was in May. Went great. He was a bit tired and nauseous but aside from that he was good. Second treatment was two weeks later. And that one was a doozy. He threw up for days and it nearly killed him. So after that he decided that he wanted to stop chemo and go home (BTW. he is from Honduras) so After three months in the hospital pst surgery and two treatments of chemo we went to Honduras. While there things were looking up. He travelled two times a month to his oncologists office in Honduras and started using a Japanese Cancer vaccine. Which was actually doing his body good, according to all of the tests done. But around October his stomach started to get hard. And for a month he complained about pains but miraculously the cancer hasn't spread to other organs. Now we are back in the states and he started throwing up a black bile. I am dying slowly and painfully seeing my father punish. The doctors want him to try chemo again. Which he doesn't want. What would any of you do in this case. If anyone had anything similar please tell me how your loved one is coming along