Urgency keeping me up all night

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I have stage iv colorectal cancer. Am waiting to see the oncologist in 10 days but for now i hardley get any sleep as the frequent urgency at night has me going to the bathroom every hour. I am feeling so tired from not getting any sleep and need to be strong for when treatment begins. Has anyone tried any kind of prescription medication to help control this? My Dr. gave me a muscle relaxer but it doesn't seem to be working. Need some advice. thanks.


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    Ambien works well for me. I
    Ambien works well for me. I wake up alert and very refreshed. If you want to go natural, get some valerian root from Whole Foods. It comes in a tincture and in capsules.

    FYI...I read a post on here that said Ambien has been fatal to some folks.
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    Support and love
    Hello dear one! I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this! For clarification, Are you asking about sleep meds or something for urgency? Is this urgency of bladder or bowel?

    If for sleep ... Ambien worked for me too, however you'll want to discuss any med with your physician!

    I actually might recommend you make an appointment with the physician who diagnosed you and talk to them about the issues ur dealing with or with your primary care physician if they are not the same. Is it anxiety or fear causing all of this? Maybe a referral to someone to talk to ... I needed that and still do see someone/psychologist for emotional support.

    Perhaps emotional support and possibly medications for the urgency would help?

    I hope this is helpful in some way and gives an idea or two. I'm so sorry you have to wait to see the oncogist. I will think of you and am sending love!!! A big warm hug to you! Keep us informed ... We will be hoping for some good news regarding treatment plan!!!

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    If it's urgency with your bowels, I found that the prescription med. Lomotil worked for me. Immodium didn't help. Check with your dr. about Lomotil.
    Sorry you have to wait so long to see the oncologist. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of waiting.
    Hope you get some relief soon and a good nights' sleep.