Lymph Node Removal

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I was diagnosed with Anal Cancer in September, had a colostomy in October. I am going in tomorrow for removal of all the lymph nodes on my right pelvic and upper thigh area. Concerned with swelling, has anyone had this procedure done?


  • horsepad
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    lympth nodes
    My oncologists discussed removing my lymph nodes after I finished treatment. Although in remission, they felt the spot on my liver and my lympth nodes should be removed. I had liver resection in February and drs. decided to not to remove lympth nodes unless I have a reoccurance due to side effects. Are you in remission?
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    Lymph Nodes
    My wife had 28 nodes removed from groin and illiac region due to Bartholins Gland cancer. Her cancer is in remission now, but we are constantly battling lymphedema. We have had five bouts of cellulitous since her surgery in November 2011. Her oncologist, feels the cellulitous is being caused by the bacteria getting trapped in the lymph fluid and doesn't get removed through the normal functions. Also her white count is still barely 4500 which doesn't help.
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    Hi daisy62
    I'm sorry your diagnosis has brought you here and also that you are still dealing with so many issues. I have not had the procedure you mention and don't know anything about it. I just wanted to wish you all the very best and hope everything will go well for you today. Please give us an update when you are able.
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    Hi, and welcome. I was diagnosed in Jan. 2011 and also have a colostomy (was to be reversed but ran into some glitches so......we'll see) I had lymph nodes involved but were able to treat with radiation. I have also been treated for breast cancer and had nodes removed for that though. After healed from surgery I went to a physical therapist that specialized in lymphodyma therapy. She did a type of massage to help prevent swelling and complications and gave me stretches and instructions on what to do myself. I do these daily, but am always on alert. Its been about 8months and so far so good. I know the pelvic region is different, as are each of us in our journey. I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep in touch to let us know how things are going or with any questions.