STAR system RFA for spinal mets

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Technically I am a stage IV colon cancer patient (3 1/2 years since dx). My mets were only to multiple distant lymph nodes the first couple years. Then I got mets to my bones - shoulder, collarbone, T1, T2, T5 and T6. Radiation took care of all except T5 and T6 - those were in the field of radation from some prior radiation and have had the lifetime max exposure. I get Xgeva shots, and I was back on chemo. The combo I did this time worked very well, but it also almost killed me, so I am stopping. My node mets are all gone right now. But my mets to T5 and T6 are still there.

I found this new STAR system used for spinal mets, using RFA to heat and kill off the tumors, and then if needed they can put "cement" into the disc to reinforce it.

Has anyone here had this procedure done? This equipment is new to the US - just out last summer. I know some were doing various RFA procedures prior to that, but this equipment makes it much better. There is a video on YouTube. If you search RFA spinal tumor you can find it.