HUrtle cell, TT tommorow

Wanted to introduce myself. I have a 1.3 cm nodule that came back suspicious for hurtle cell. I demanded they take the whole thing out. I am a 43 y/o male. It looks like my chances are good based on age and size, that it will be an adenoma. Hoping I have not seen any one on the board with mets that small. I have had to push each step along the way for this and it is now finally here. I want to either move on or dig in and fight. If I had listed to the MD, he would have had me come back in 6 months. From what I read, less than 20% are malignant in that size. I never could gamble, but I will let you know



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    How did it go? I have hutle

    How did it go? I have hutle cells from biopsy and try to think what to do?