Belated Thanksgiving Wishes

Hello Dearhearts,

I truly hope each and every one had a warm and loving Thanksgiving.
I did my best to try and enjoy myself. It was very hard. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend came over, so I cooked for the four of us. It was a difficult day without my mom. My other daughters were elsewhere as were my grands. So all in all a very lonley day.

I know everything is catching up with me. I am so sad and still so tired and this pain just does not want to go away. But I do keep going forward as that is my only option.

This week is also my grandsons 16th bday, so I am looking forward to seeing him. But this week is also hard, my mom's bday is on Wed.

Also on Wed, I am getting my next CT Scan of my lungs. I am praying that the only thing they see is the same growth pattern as in Sept. Nothing more. That would would give me a little peace for awhile.

I could sure use a break from the intense stress of cancer and surgery and all that goes along. I know that the fear is real, but also know that I must make peace with it to be able to enjoy today.

I hope that all of you are staying strong. The holidays can be so difficult when you are in treatment or just recovering.

I am determined to be more available to all of you. And I know you will be here for me too.
I keep you all close in my heart....

Huge hugs


  • vinny59
    vinny59 Member Posts: 1,032
    happy belated Thanksgiving to you too!
    Hi Lisha, nice to hear from you! Your journey has been a long and hard one, just keep up the fight, although difficult to do, I know you can ...... just know that we are all praying for you.. take care Vinny
  • jimwins
    jimwins Member Posts: 2,107
    Hi LIsha!
    So good to hear from you.

    I haven't posted in awhile - my friend from Michigan was in for the week and
    we spent a lot of time visiting friends and relatives in VA and NC.
    We've known each other since we were in our partying twenties so there
    was lots to reminisce and laugh about :).

    Thanksgiving was simple this year - just me, my friend and my brother-in-law.
    We did cook however - just not as much as usual. Other family members who
    usually got together had other plans or were tied up this year. I really missed
    my sister, Wanda. Her birthday would have been Nov. 3rd and I thought of her
    a lot that day.

    I'm glad you at least got to spend time with some loved ones on Turkey day.
    I hope and pray things get better for you. I know this has been difficult.

    Good luck on your scans today!