Please watch this movie!!

This is a must watch movie and will only be available online for free until November 30th.

Also another option that is fast becoming known for cancer treatment is Mega Vitamin C IV's. This is something else that is worth looking into.


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    Food Matters
    Food Matters

    This is an interesting film/video. Many have discussed diet in this forum in regards to its effect on our illness, but changing foods with intent of cure is not a sure thing.
    I am a believer that “we are what we eat” however such includes what our parents and grandparents also ate. The genes go from generation to generation and would not change overnight. Diet, though, can help tremendously in improving well being and in providing comfort.

    The video stress a lot about the perception of doctors in regards to the vitamin industry or diets. Many of the commentators place it right about the erraneous newer ways of producing foods or about the lack of pure nutrients, which I believe that may be behind the reason for many illnesses. However one should think that even in the past, illnesses existed, when traditional ways of cultivating and quality ways of cooking were applied to our diets.

    Are we looking for Quality or Quantity of life?

    The “standards” of the medical industry seem to recognize Quantity over Quality. Diet is not as important as a “quick fix” when prescribing a pill.