Could it be cancer?

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I have had a bump on my anus for about a month. There has been minimal pain and no bleeding. Could this be cancer? I had cervical cryosurgery three years ago for abnormal pap and I had breast cancer a few months ago. Should I go to a proctologist or should I tell my oncologist at my next visit?



  • geneviasue
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    Tx Gal
    There is no way to know the answer to that unless you visit your doctor. If I was you, I would schedule an appt and have it looked at.

  • sephie
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    tell oncologist
    first tell oncologist. then even if he says it is nothing to worry about , ask him to get you appt. with colorectal surgeon. i went to a proctologist who missed mine for almost a year but if you have a good one he should know what it is. hope it is alright. sephie
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    Check it out!
    I was just diagnosed in September, I thought the bump was a hemorrhoid. It kept getting bigger and bigger. I first noticed it in June. I have since had a colostomy. Please get it checked right away, don't wait till your next appointment. Good Luck, my prayers will be with you.
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    Please get it checked out ASAP. Anal cancer is very successfully treated when caught early, so the sooner you know what this is, the better. I hope it turns out to be a benign lesion.
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    I vote for the Oncologist too
    Our cancer is so rare that my proctologist had never seen it before! I had cervical cancer and have heard there can be a relationship between the two cancers that is viral. You will see from time to time a discussion here about HPV. I have never tested positive that I know of but have had both cervical and anal cancers and it is a virus that can be active or dormant, so the tests are not conclusive but there is usually a connection. Your oncologist will be more likely to make this connection.

    Good luck and stay close. We will want to know how this all comes out. In the meantime, you are in my prayers.