I hate the holidays

My dad sang in the church choir for 30 years. He died on Dec. 19, several years ago. My grand mom died on Dec. 17. Then my 12 year old nephew died on dec 19' three years ago. My Best friend, my husband of 43 years, died 2 years ago. I'm alone. I was in Bed bath etc. two days ago, they were playing carols on the speakers. One of my dads solos started to play. I lost it. I ran out of the store crying like an idiot, and I haven't stopped crying since. It is going to be a long month. I don't know how to stop.


  • grandmafay
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    The holidays remind us of who we have lost. I just keep trying to remind myself how blessed I was to have had those special people and the special relationships in my life. Memories are bound to be bittersweet, though, during this time of the year. I am fortunate to have a strong family support system and a caring church family. Just know that you are not really alone. Many here understand your sadness. Fay