one year update

I was diagnosed a year ago with prostate cancer I am 69 years old psa was around 20 and I had a gleason score of 9 I choose to have Hormone shots and radiation treatments I am currently receiving hormone shots every 6 months I had 45 external radition treatments that ended in may 2012 My current psa is <.05 and my testosterone is <20
I am still getting hot flashes several times a day and night but I also have a burning sensation in my stomach which is mainly at night I also am still having to get up 4 to 5 times a night to urinate Has anyone experienced a burning sensation in stomach area and what may be causing this Other than feeling tired I am doing well



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    Burning in stomach
    My Onc seems to think it is an ulcer. I do not agree. It hurts butnot like an ulcer. Mine is not constant. It comes and goes. I take Prilosec when I feel it building. Most times it works.

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