she was okay wth decadron

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The doctors have weened my mom off decadron-she has lung cancer with brain mets. Stage 4.
She was okay before..yes she was a bundle of energy and she ate alot but this was better than the alternative before brain surgery-couldn't balance..incontinent. Now mom is sick-she didn't get out of bed today, didn't eat...she said she blacked out at one point. If she was okay on the decadron than why go off of it. Why should she be sick and
visibly start dying when the decadron seems to give life?


  • Ladylacy
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    Your mother
    I would talk with her doctors and asap. Ask them why they weened her off this medication when it was helping her. Ask if it was their loved one, what would they do. Some doctors, even though this is their field, just don't understand what the patient goes thru. They are not with them 24/7 and can only rely on blood tests, other tests and what the patient or family member tells them. Ask, speak up.

    Wishing you and your family the very best -- Sharon
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    Are a temporary solution in most cases.

    Certainly, talk to the doctor but they can't keep giving something that is doing permanent damage to another part of the body (kidneys, etc.).

    I'm sorry your mother is having a hard time.

    Let us know what the doctors say.