So tired

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I am so very stressed and just looking to vent. My husband has Stage IV oropharyngeal cancer and has been doing radiation treatments. He has been unable to start his chemotherapy due to setbacks with health. He has been hospitalized after losing 50 pounds and having hypercalcemia. Today we found out he has either multiple myeloma or plasma cell leukemia in addition to the head and neck cancer. We were told that he will finish his radiation and then start what ever therapy the hematology oncologist deems necessary. We go for a lot of tests tomorrow and it really doesn't look promising. I just married my husband in May and we haven't even had a honeymoon yet. I am so sad.


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    So sorry this is happening
    So sorry this is happening to you. You have a prayers through this time. Cancer is a horrible roller coaster, just when you think you know what's happening and have a little control something happens.