New Hip update

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Hi everyone...I haven't been on for a while.As my old friends here know, i had a hip replacement may24th.My old hip was fractured and was collapsing due to radiation 4 1/2 years ago.We moved to Florida in july and i am now playing golf.I am also going to the gym 3xs a week to build up my core.The exercise has done wonders for me.I feel so much better and stronger.Martha..I think you are on to something with your running.Hugs...alyse


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    Great news!
    So happy for you ... your progress sounds wonderful! I'm a golfer and can really apprecite the peace and quite on the course. Keep going strong! God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Hip update

    I was just thinking of you during the past few days and wondering how you were doing.
    I'm glad everything is going well and you are up and about and even playing golf!. A 57.5 year old friend of mine just had hip replacement surgery in late August (not due to radiation, but early arthritis) and she is so much better now as well. I've got a bad back from a pinched nerve (thanks to working my way through school at UPS), so I can't play golf, and I don't think I will ever run a marathon a la Martha, but you gals are an inspiration for sure. There is still so much living to do after we beat this cancer, even though we now have bathroom radar! (Always knowing where the closest toliet is located!) :)
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    Hi alyse!
    Hey twin sister, it's really good to see you back here and know that you are doing quite well! I'm glad you are finding that exercise is helping you so much--that's wonderful! I am very proud of you and how you've handled the hip problems, surgery, and post-surgery phase. Keep up with the exercise and may your only handicap be on the golf course! You go girl! Hugs!
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    So glad your pain problems are resolved with the new hip so you can enjoy your life! Congratulations. I guess the fracture was a mixed blessing.

    God Bless you and happy holidays!