How to Choose Best Cancer Center for 2nd Opinion

I've posted on this site previously. My question now is how do you choose where to go for a second opinion? Currently we have a urologist in Rochester, NY. We have been happy with his services so far but would like to seek a second opinion from a center specializing in advanced prostate cancer. Obviously, geographically Roswell in Buffalo, NY makes sense. We've done a lot of research online but it's difficult to determine what the "best" is. Does anyone out there have an opinion on Roswell? I lost my mom to ovarian cancer two years ago and don't want to lose my dad to prostate cancer!!!! We will go wherever we need to for the best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    2nd opinion
    Please try to contact the R.A. block foundation they
    can be very helpful. Great people and very honest also
    you can talk to a survivor live. This is a foundation
    founded by Richard Block part of H&R block tax people.
    This is a nice friendly voice who really care and it is
    completely free
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    Best choice
    1 Memorial sloan -Kettering New York
    2 Mayo Clinic cancer center Rochester
    3 Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive cancer center ( John Hopkins Hospital) Baltimore Maryland

    They are state of art in prostate cancer and dealing with all levels of this monster! They have the latest trial's in fighting this cancer.

    Good lucky!

    God Bless
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    2nd opinions, PCa education, etc.

    Again, as on your sisters' previous thread, please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your mother. 

    Re " do you choose where to go for a second opinion?" In our personal experience, one of the best INITIAL sources for local, national and even international info about PCa is the face to face PCa networking/support group(s)  in your community--as was suggested on your other recent thread. Most well established, well run & knowledgeable face to face PCa groups/members can provide you with the latest, up to date PCa info, including recommendations (locally and/or nationally) on where to go for 1st, 2nd, 3rd opinions, the best PCa oncs, ROs, uros, medical & tx centers of excellence, reputable PCa websites, etc. I would start by checking out a respected and well known PCa organization such as "Us Too." To find chapters & meeting groups in your area, visit their website: States

    Of course, please know that you are ALWAYS WELCOME to continue to post here, on this ACS sponsored PCa forum.

    A few well known PCa medical oncologists whose names often come up, especially with regard to high risk and/or advanced PCa (as in your dad's case), are Drs Charles Myers & Mark Scholz. Just Google each name. Keep in mind that "best" is a subjective word. What is "best" for one, may not be best for another.  Even with the "best" well-intentioned recommendations, it's always a good idea for dad & you to do your own independent research to determine the right medical choices for him. Most high risk/advanced PCa cases are managed by a medical onc with a specialty in PCa (not a urologist). That is why others here previously advised 2nd opinions.

    Your dad is lucky to have such caring and supportive daughters as his medical advocates. Good luck to all of you.