Food Impaction

My husband had his esophagectomy at the end of May of this year. He had 3 scopes with dilation. The time before this scope he was having issues with swallowing food and liquids. After the last 2 scopes the Dr. seemed puzzled over the symptoms and how little he needed to dilate him. This past time he was experiencing food impaction.

Interesting enough, my husband said after each dilation he noticed a difference when swallowing. The Dr. recommended that he see a speech pathologist to see if that would help.

I am wondering if anyone had a similar experience and the outcome.



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    Have you found out any
    Have you found out any answers to your questions. I have no idea, but your husband's symptoms are not any that I am familiar with.
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    Food Impaction
    My husband has had some problems with digesting his food. The doctor gave him some enzymes to take and he went to a dietitian. The dietitian recommended he avoid fiber....i.e. eat white bread, no skin on fruit, no nuts, etc. Almost the opposite of what we think of as a healthy diet. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you for your input. He
    Thank you for your input. He is trying to get used to his new "plumbing" He has said he does not really know the new normal.

    Also, I have seen mention there is a facebook site. I am wondering what it is under.