I started having very strong pain on the left side of my abdomen

I hope you can help me. I started having very strong pain on the left side of my abdomen since July this year and the doctors have not found the reason yet. I contacted with author of http://painleftside.net and he told me it may be diverticulitis, kidney stones, or cancer (at worst), but he doesn't know without medical examination.. I am still waiting for the GI specialist to contact me after my GP referred me to him. I am desperate and in constant pain.
I have lost 7 kilos in one month and I can't eat because I get very sick. My stools are so strange, green in color. I had a CT scan, colonoscopy and endoscopy because I had some bleeding and the CT scan shows that I have mild sigmoid diverticula, cysts in my left kidney, bulky adrenal gland, cyst on overt on the right side but the specialist who did the colonoscopy said my colon is normal.. he didn't say about the diverticula.. and they tests both were done in different hospitals with in two weeks difference.
I had enough and last week I went to a private hospital where the consultant suspected hernia , he felt a lump on my left sideband it was very very painful to the touch.. and that is where I have the strong pain and have been telling the doctors all along.. and they have not even bother to feel my left side. This doctor put my fingers on the lump for me to feel and it was so amazing.. a very hard lump and very painful to the touch. He tried to look for it again when he was going to inject something on the area for the pain.. and the lump was hard to find again...we found it from the pain I felt by touching...and then he sent me to a radiologist the next day.
Unfortunately the radiologist looked and looked and could not find anything.. I am now waiting for the NHS to give me a copy of my CT Scan for this doctor and radiologist I saw. I had to beg the lady to give me a copy and even paying for it.. she said it can take up to two weeks for me to have the copy. I am in severe pain most of the time and if I don't eat is better but I feel ill and very weak. I feel I am dying just from the lack of interest from the doctors to find out what is wrong with me. I am afraid my doctors are not interested if it is not an easy diagnose. I had to go private for the doctors to want to help me. Where can I get proper help and reasonable medical help please? I am tired of going to casualty and all they do is ask me if I have a good GP because I need to be referred to the specialists. I am Still waiting and in severe pain. I am beginning to think that I was right all along.. I do have a lump I felt and told them I feel as if I have a small ball inside me on that painful side.. And also when I sleep I can only sleep on my left side.. When I go on my right side or on my back I have very strong pains, cannot breathe properly and my stomach hurts so much too. I feel is that lump causing pressure on other organs and also I am sure I have damaged the intestine somewhere or the valve from the constipation I had and once I felt like a cracking noise. Can doctors do something about it before I die?


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    I hope you saw a dr...
    "diverticulitis" There are tests to determine whether this is the cause - my relative just had emergency surgery for this because her colon perforated - they removed 8 inches of her intestine. If the pain is really severe - go to the emergency room!