CEA Virtually Undetectable...

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Well if you have been following any of my posts... You will recall me advising my CEA was always coming in at a 2.. in the normal range. even when the biopsy and scans reflected cancer.
Well today my doc advised the CEA is now virtually undetectable..
So I am having a guarded moment of joy....
She advised this is a good thing.. it means something is changing..

They are trying to get the insurance to approve a Pet CT but the insurance co.. wants me to a CT instead.... (Boo Cigna) but they may come thru.. we don't know yet..
I have never really understood the complete difference between the 2. but if either will show me further improvement I will do whichever...

I am supposed to have surgery in a few weeks to make my back end heal over..as the irradiated tisssue didn't heal properly. I need to be off chemo for the healing to happen.
So today we did only Vectibix and no Irenotecan. Doc even said maybe we will continue on this pattern for a while.. and you know as much as I want off the chemo... I was a little concerned.

Could this all be turning around for me finally.. I pray I am not speaking too soon... but I am excited and scared at the same time.. and I am sure you know this feeling better than any one else I know..
Yours, Donna


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    Dear Donna
    Glad to hear that things seem to be changing in a positive way for you.

    Sending best wishes for all good results and long term positives.


    Marie who loves kitties
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    Wow! That all sounds very
    Wow! That all sounds very positive. I understand your reluctance to get too excited. Cancer really is an emotional roller coaster. But, the fact that your onc. is sounding positive is a very good sign. If she is like other onc.'s she is cautious with her comments, not wanting to raise false hope. I think both tests are accurate. The ct is a 360 degree x ray scan. The pet scan is positrons that are shot into the body to analyse body tissue and blood flow. But, I'm not too sure. Hopefully the pet scan will be covered. Congratulations. It's so nice to hear positive news.

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    Fantastic news!
    That's great, Donna. We take victories as they come and this definitely is one. Keep kickin butt! Dan
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    Sounds like great news!
    Sounds like great news! Enjoy the good news ... I hope it continues!
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    Best Wishes!

    Best Wishes!
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    Glad to see you back
    I know for your own mental health you were taking a break. Such potential good news for you - take it! Enjoy it! Don't overanalyze it!
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    You must be over the moon
    You must be over the moon after hearing this news......very nice to hear your onc's report.
    Enjoy it :)
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    i am so happy for you! i do hope that you get the pet/ct scan. ins co can be very difficult to deal with because they look at the situation with costs on their mind. boo. enjoy the news that your onc gave you.