Veterans Day

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To all the veterans here thank you for yor service and sacrifice. Wish you all the best in this journey and in your life. Thank you!!


  • laserlight
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    Good to hear from you
    Hunter, Thank You, and good to hear from you again.

  • mrspjd
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    With gratitude to all armed forces--those currently serving, war veterans, & troops lost. On Veterans Day (or any day), I'm also paying homage to the fallen & surviving heroes from another kind of war--the War on PCa.  This year alone 242,000 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and, it will claim the lives of approximately 30,000 men, all heroes.

    mrs pjd
    Wife of a T3 stage PCa Survivor who is a US Navy Veteran, USS Constellation, Yankee Station, Gulf of Tonkin, Viet Nam