M4 Inversion 16

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I'm new here. Just wondering if there are any survivors of AML M4 Inversion 16 out there? I was diagnosed in Dec 2011 (coming up on 1 year survivorship!). I was one of the lucky ones who did not need a bone marrow transplant. Would love to hear others stories of survivorship of the same subtype.


  • TanyaC97
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    AML M5 T16 mutation.
    AML M5 T16 mutation. Diagnosed in April 2011 and did not need a BMT. My lingering issue is joint pain, mostly in my knees. Mine was very sudden onset and very progressive. I was very lucky.
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    Inversion 16

    I was diagnosed with AML Inversion 16 in Aug '12 and looking foward to saying I have been cancer free for 1 year. The longer it goes without it coming back the better I will feel about everything. We are lucky to have this diagnosis because other AML's are very agressive. Hope all is still well with your health